Data Migration
Data Migration is one of the most crucial components for any CRM implementation. Over time, data tends to be fragmented across multiple systems. This information may be contained in a simple spreadsheet, accounting software and CRM solution and is difficult to accurately maintain across all your data stores. Skylos understands the importance of your data. Whether you are migrating the information from a single system or if your information is fragmented across multiple systems, we will help consolidate, define, migrate and synchronize your data and provide you with access to this data to enhance your competitive edge.   
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CRM Solutions
Customer Relationship Management Services

Skylos is a business consulting, system integration and strategic technology firm focused on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for QuickBooks customers. We help organizations achieve competitive advantages by leveraging technology, streamlining, automating and simplifying processes and enhancing collaboration across the whole enterprise.

Our mission is to help clients increase revenue, customer loyalty, automate key systems and implement lower-cost, flexible operating models. We are focused on delivering seamless, consistent services of the highest standard.

Our services:

Discovery of key business elements, functions and objectives.

Screen customization of out-of-box system. Based on the Statement of Work, we will reconfigure the system with custom fields and tabs to store account, contact, prospect information. We will also develop workflow for marketing and customer support.

Workflow Consulting
Consulting on campaigns, business development processes and data mining.

Import data from your current financial and operational systems. CRM Accounts and Contacts are imported. Customer profiles, such as revenue/product purchase information are imported.  Duplicates scrubbed to ensure new data is clean.

Install the system and configure it in test and production environment, setup and configure users and security.

Reporting Dashboards
Design and configure reporting systems and dashboard.

Draft custom training manual. Conduct end user training sessions, administrator training. Make a specific effort to “train the trainer.”