Why CRM!
An organization typically implements a CRM solution for one of three reasons:  to improve sales, marketing, or service.  With CRM, your customer’s entire relationship is visible.  CRM can help you make better decisions about your business.

For Marketing: 
With CRM, you will be able to manage campaigns and measure their success.  You can distribute leads to your sales force and track the activity on those leads.  You can even develop campaign templates so that you can re-use successful marketing campaigns.  Because CRM is process focused, it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

For Sales:
With an automated system, your sales team will have online access to the information they need, from wherever they are.  CRM provides fast, flexible data which when customized to your needs, can help you grow your network of contacts.  What’s more, you will have flexible reporting tools that provide detailed information about how sales activities impact the bottom line.

For Service:
Managing process, tracking customer activity, and distributing the information to those who need it are just some of the capabilities provided by CRM.  When issues are handled well, you will have increased opportunities to deepen the relationship with your customer and sell additional services.

Why Invest in a CRM Solution ?
Do you know everything about your customer? Do they have any support issues, what is the status of their orders, are there opportunities pending? Will you be able to access that information immediately and from anywhere?

These questions require immediate answers when interacting with your customer, whether over the phone, in person or the Internet. Companies that are struggling with these issues run the risk of providing a low quality customer experience and loss of current and future business.

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