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SugarCRM is the world's leading provider of open source customer relationship management (CRM) software. Over 6,000 customers and more than half a million users rely on SugarCRM to execute marketing programs, grow sales, retain customers and create custom business applications. Leading publications such as CRM Magazine, InfoWorld and eWeek praise SugarCRM for its ease-of-use, flexibility and open design. SugarCRM runs on the leading cloud computing platforms, including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Sugar On-Demand and Private Clouds, offering customers unparalleled choice and control of their data and deployments.
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CRM Vender Pricing: A Comparative Analysis

Not all CRM systems are the same, and not all are priced the same. Use this informative document to help decipher some of the hidden cost of deploying leading CRM offering, and see which best fits your CRM needs and budget.

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Grow Your Business, Not Your Support Cost

How can your company scale its customer base without scaling your support organization. This white paper details the strategies necessary to implement a responsive, agile support system that builds a loyal customer base in a cost effective manner.

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Hitting Your Numbers: Creating Excellence with Commercial Open Source CRM

Outlines the key reasons how open source CRM can drive performance in your sales organization.

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